Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings. ~ Jane Austen

Thursday, September 25, 2014


My sister is married. As of Saturday. And I thought I was doing well. 
I mean, of COURSE I miss her.
I miss being able to talk to her about anything. I can't even text her right now cuz she is honeymooning in Jamaica.
And I really am sooo happy for them.
But there's so many things I want to talk to her about.
Trying sushi for the first time.
How truly fantastic work was today.
Does she want the Newsboys 'Go' CD that we purchased together, or do I get it?
And by the way, I just organized my room, and there is SO. MUCH. SPACE. now that she's moved out.
And... the list goes on...
But it was the same way when I broke up with Brandon. I missed texting him about random things. At least this time I know I can text Brianna soon.
I thought I was doing well.
I organized our... now my... bedroom. As previously mentioned. And that has kept me busy in my spare time. And I went out for sushi (yes, also previously mentioned). And Oma has been staying for the week. I haven't really had time for loneliness to sink in.
But today my cousin texted me how things are with one less around. And as I was texting back, telling him what's been going on this week, I realized that loneliness has been avoided all week by the business of it.
And next week I'll have nothing to hide behind.
But maybe it's better.
To just face it head on.
And just pray and remember: I am not alone. And my sister is not gone forever. She is just married. And I WILL be over there a lot.
Change is a good thing.
It can make us stronger.
Help us mature.
Teach us thankfulness.
Refocus our lives.
And show us what truly matters.

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