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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bad Piano Teachers

I would like to take a moment to comment on the deplorable lack of good piano teachers. I was just watching my brother perform in a music festival competition. He is in grade 6 piano, playing against other grade 6 pianists, and the amount of kids who didn't even know something as basic as how to sit properly at the piano was abominable, and just a foretaste of badly played music. At this stage in piano I expected the playing to be much better than the music that was put forward. I do not blame the students. It takes a gifted and especially determined student to rise above the mistakes of a bad teacher. I do not say I am a good teacher, I have only been teaching for a year. I just think it is depressing how many people who play piano, or any instrument, think that just because they can play they can teach, and it is to the students's detriment that teachers seem to think that just teaching a student how to read music can actually be classified as teaching an instrument. Dear music teachers, please learn how to teach properly.

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