Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings. ~ Jane Austen

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Wise Friends

It's amazing how you can feel so upset about something, so unsure. You feel like your life is about to fall apart.
And then you talk to an old friend, text them a question, and they answer and say, would you like to talk on the phone?
So you call them, and for the next hour they reasure you, and speak words of both wisdom and comfort. They pray for you, on the phone, right then and there. 
Your whole attitude changes. You are no longer crying at the thought of what you need to do. You feel suddenly brave, you remember God is on your side, holding your hand. It's not like you forgot, just now you really feel it, you're really trusting. And you suddenly realize you can do what you need to, you know what needs to be done, you know what needs to be said. And whatever the outcome, it is for the very best. Holding on hurts more in the long run. You can do this.

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