Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings. ~ Jane Austen

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bug Eat Bug World

Today at work I had a big, black, hornet-type bug flying around me. By big, I mean it would have been very painful to anger it. So I tread carefully for a few minutes. Then I noticed it had grabbed a grasshopper, which was about twice its size. The hornet was on top of the grasshopper's back, and dragged it on the ground about two feet before stopping. Just as I was beginning to wonder if the grasshopper was dead, the hornet left it, flew a couple circles around it, and flew off. The grasshopper was twitching. I have a feeling the hornet poisoned it, and had flown off to get help to carry it. I hate watching any creature suffer, but I reasoned in my head that if I helped the grasshopper, the hornet would either starve or get another bug. Any which way I looked something got hurt. And this grasshopper probably was paralyzed anyways. I'm not a 'treehugger'. Or anything close. But watching an innocent creature suffer, even a bug, in spite of my extreme dislike and even phobia of bugs, is saddening for me... Am I ridiculous? My friends would probably laugh. It is, after all, only a bug. But if I am honest with myself...

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